Silicon Valley AI Immersion

Discover the endless possibilities in AI and technology with this study tour
  • Become the next changemaker: Interact with visionaries from Open AI and Founders Space
  • Ignite innovation: Learn from the best minds across the globe at Berkeley and more
  • Build a global network: Engage with future leaders of AI, and gain insights from Forbes #1 incubator
  • Discover iconic Bay Area landmarks: Visit the SF Musem and Golden Gate
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Discover Endless Possibilities of AI with a Global Cohort

Ready to unlock the potential of AI? Our action-packed 6-day Silicon Valley Immersion program will catapult you into the heart of the AI revolution. This isn't your ordinary tour. This is your chance to rub shoulders with AI's leading minds, from visionary founders to groundbreaking engineers. Engage in fireside chats, witness cutting-edge advancements firsthand, and learn how to design, build, and invest in the future of AI.

Get a glimpse of the world-renowned companies you'll visit and the cutting-edge labs you'll explore. Imagine yourself forging connections with the brightest minds in the field, building a network that will propel you forward.

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    AI: Learn. Design. Build. Invest.

    Embark on a tailor-made Silicon Valley AI Immersion program that gives exclusive access to global business insights from Silicon Valley, curated to inspire the ambitious leader and catalyze professional success. Meet global experts in AI and robotics to understand cutting-edge advances, how to design AI products, how to build them, and how to invest in AI.

    You will have an opportunity to engage in fireside chats with founders, thought-leaders, and C-level executives in academia, industry, and venture capital, as well as build connections with on-the-ground entrepreneurs, engineers, and service providers who can assist you in achieving your AI development goals.

    You will leave Silicon Valley with a fresh perspective on the future of AI in business, how to apply AI, how to invest in AI, and with connections that will help you hit the ground running when you return home.

    Enable your organization to succeed

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    Lead AI transformation
    • Gain a perspective on what to expect from AI in the coming 3–5 years so you can plan ahead and make the right investments in new products and processes today

    • Learn how companies across the US are leveraging Silicon Valley AI platforms to apply AI to their businesses and deliver value

    • Infuse transformative ideas on AI from Silicon Valley into your organization’s DNA to drive the next big innovation

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    Learn from the world's best
    • Enrich your view of AI and tech through in-person conversations with the people who are leading technological breakthroughs in the heart of Silicon Valley

    • Engage with leading experts in academia, industry, and venture capital and get answers to your burning questions about AI

    • Redefine your business and leadership approach with insights from the world’s top leaders and academia

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    Build a global executive network
    • Establish the groundwork for potential collaborations that will help position your organization prominently on the global technology landscape

    • Network with a diverse set of senior leaders who are at the forefront of business and technology across industries

    • Connect with local entrepreneurs, engineers, and executives who can help you build and apply AI solutions for your business

    Engage in conversations with the world’s best

    Steve Hoffman

    Chairman and CEO, Founders Space

    Steve Hoffman serves as the chairman and CEO of Founders Space, a renowned accelerator for overseas startups entering Silicon Valley, recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur Mag...

    EM-SVT Pieter
    Pieter Abbeel

    Director, Berkeley Robot Learning Lab

    Pieter Abbeel serves as the head of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Lab at UC Berkeley and plays a role as a mentor and advisor to Open AI. Known for his expertise in...

    EM-SVT Barry
    Barry Katz

    Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

    Professor Barry Katz has taught in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. Holding key positions at Stanford University and the California College of the Arts, he brings extensive e...

    Who is this program for?

    This tailor-made executive immersion program to Silicon Valley is for C-suite executives and other senior leaders who want to explore how global tech giants truly leverage AI for innovation.

    Program itinerary

    You will find answers to the most pressing questions on every executive's mind from those leading technological breakthroughs. This six-day, seven-night program has all the makings of an enriching experience in the heart of tech innovation.


    July, 2024

    Arrival and Welcome Session 

    Get to know your peers before embarking on your learning journey in Silicon Valley.


    July, 2024

    Conversation with OpenAI’s Mentor/Advisor and Berkeley AI Lab Visit

    Catch a glimpse of the future of AI in a comprehensive session with Pieter Abbeel as he narrates the growing story of OpenAI. Learn how this pioneer in AI attracted substantial investments, including a US$13 billion from Microsoft and reshaped the landscape of the tech industry in a relatively short time. Explore Berkeley AI Lab, where cutting-edge research and innovation converge to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence.


    July, 2024

    Visit the Historic Gardens in California

    Step into the past at Filoli Manor, where historic grandeur meets lush gardens in a timeless embrace, beckoning visitors to explore its elegant charm.


    July, 2024

    Visit the Original Site of Social Media Startup

    Discover the birthplace of social media innovation platform's first office, where the digital revolution began, inviting visitors to witness the genesis of a global phenomenon


    July, 2024

    Visit Redwood National Park

    Immerse yourself in the majestic grandeur of towering redwoods, where ancient giants reach for the sky and time stands still. Experience the tranquility of this natural wonderland, where each step unveils a new chapter in the story of Earth's oldest living treasures.


    July, 2024

    Visit the office of Operating System Tech Giant

    Explore the cutting-edge workplace innovation with a tour of a leading tech giant's headquarter, where state-of-the-art operating systems are developed. Witness firsthand how advanced software solutions are revolutionizing the future of artificial intelligence, seamlessly integrating with daily tasks to enhance efficiency and creativity. Experience a glimpse into tomorrow's workforce with AI-driven technologies.

     Note: Program itinerary is subject to change.

    Use of names and references of companies are our independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by said companies. The mentioned companies may own the trademark for their respective names.

    Hear from our participants

    "Thrilled to have attended Pieter Abbeel's enlightening master class on the future of Al at UC Berkeley in SF today! A true luminary in the field, Abbeel's impact spans across academia, industry, and ...
    General Partner
    "Revelatory — that's the word for today's session with Pieter Abbeel. His dual roles at Berkeley and OpenAI have clearly nurtured a generation of AI pioneers. Witnessing the bond between teacher and s...
    Bolin MA
    Director, Hong Kong AIA Group
    "Today, we delved into the true potential of AI, not as a replacement for humanity but as an enhancement to our most ambitious endeavors. The tour's thoughtful curation has bolstered my belief in a fu...
    Moon ZHANG
    Founder, Nanjing Boan Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.
    "The depth of insight provided by Pieter Abbeel at Berkeley was like a draught of clarity. This study tour has masterfully orchestrated moments of learning with serene views, like those at the Golden ...
    Leslie GU
    CEO, Shanghai Lishi Advertising Group Co., Ltd.
    "The caliber of my peers on this Silicon Valley journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. From titans of industry to innovative financiers, every story I've heard has been a lesson in ambition....
    Jianzhong ZHANG
    General Manager, Shijiazhuang Yisite Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
    "A discussion with Pieter Abbeel about AI’s trajectory was exhilarating, to say the least. The tour has provided access to thought leaders and visionaries, offering us a glimpse into the future of tec...
    Matthew LAI
    Chairman, Greenbull Capital Holdings Limited
    "IDEO’s session with Barry Katz was an immersion into practical creativity. The tour’s seamless integration of academic and real-world perspectives has been a highlight of my professional development....
    Chairman, Greenbull Capital Holdings Limited

    Silicon Valley Immersion Snapshots

    Catch a glimpse of the sights and collaborations that emerged among senior executives from China in the heart of technology and business.

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    Silicon Valley Immersion Snapshots Image 2
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    Connect 1:1 with our learning advisor

    Our learning advisors have helped senior executives around the world to choose the right program. Schedule a 1:1 to know more about the Global Executive Immersion: Silicon Valley program.


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    • Fee exclusions: international airfare, visa application, and processing, domestic transportation within the home country, and in-hotel expenses, such as laundry, haircuts, phone calls, drinks, pay TV, etc.

    • For those applicants who need a visa to travel to the United States, it is recommended that you apply by the early application deadline to allow sufficient time for the visa processing formalities.

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